The Greener Grass

Recently on my way to my favorite monthly pancake breakfast and winter market I noticed a large black cow down on her front knees (do cows have knees?).  She was in that position in order to reach the grass growing on the other side of the fence.

It couldn’t have been a comfortable position and when she finally ate all she could reach and stood back up, I imagine she was somewhat lame and uncomfortable.

As I watched her and whisked toward my breakfast, I thought about how often we are lured by the greener grass only to discover it wasn’t necessarily any better than the grass we were comfortable with.  The grass in easy reach. 

I’m not suggesting it isn’t a good idea to strive for something better or to reach beyond our present grasp to improve our lives.  But – it did make me wonder if we aren’t many times enchanted unreasonably by what we don’t have, while not fully appreciating the joy and blessings we already possess.  Jumping from one job to another, from one place to another without the appreciation for what we have.

That dream job you’ve wanted could require extra hours, uncertainty and time away from children and family that can never be regained and may not have the payoff we expect.  

How about you – has that green grass ever caused you to make a decision you perhaps regret?  Green grass may be enticing, but frequently can turn to straw.

P.S. Apparently the answer is yes – cows do have knees.

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