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Above:  Suspect Hope Hayden is being questioned by sleuths at the Terrace inn.


Above left:  Marsha Howard, Waynesboro’s Lady of Laughter is shocked to think she is a suspect.
Center:  Barbara Spilman Lawson is all laughs about being a suspect.
Above right:  Bobbie McAllister was the perfect “ghost” suspect from the 1920s.


9/30/11: Photos from Greater Augusta Association of Realtors event



Above Left: 2006 victim outline at KOA. Above Right: Hal Johnson as a Southern Gentleman.


Above Left: Dinner for the sleuths at 2008 event. Above Right: Sleuths lined up to search Hal’s cabin in 2008.

Lineup: Past suspects have included (left to right) Dick Lyons, Bruce Bowman, former Harrisonburg Mayor Rodney Eagle, Pam Huggins and Staunton City Councilman Dave Metz.


Above Left:  Hope Hayden and Hal Johnson. Above Right: Sheriff Hal.